The online translation workflow management tool in Author-it Cloud is called Translations. The tool allows you to easily send content out for translation directly from your Author-it library. Documentation teams and localization coordinators follow an easy-to-use interface that guides them in packaging the content into a format compatible with translation memory tools. Translations tracks changed content for you through an intelligent flagging system, and ensures that only new and changed content that meets your requirements are included in the translation job. Translations manages your source and translated content in the same library, giving you complete transparency and direct access to view, manage, and publish translated content.

Translations comprises two primary technologies that simplify the localization effort and empower localizers:

  • All stages of the localization life cycle are managed from a browser interface.

    With a set of localization functions, users export content in XML format to service providers or translators and import the translated XML content back into the library.

  • Primary and localized objects are managed within a single library by means of Author-it variant technology.

All translated content is manageable and visible within the single library. Variant technology puts localized versions of objects within a few clicks of the primary content, whether it be for authoring, previewing, or publishing.