Create a new translation job


The first step in the Translation Job life cycle is to create a Translation Job.


When successful, this step exports an archive of XML files from the Library to an Export folder on the server. The archive zip file awaits download and transfer to a Service Provider.

To create a new translation job:

  1. In the ribbon, choose Translation Jobs > New. The New Translation Job window opens with the Book tab displayed.

    Translation Jobs_New

  2. Use the Search options to locate the book for this translation job.
  3. Select a book in the book list to load its variant criteria, and then select the variant criteria values applicable to this translation job.
  4. To open the Languages tab, click Next.
  5. Complete the details for the service provider:
    • Due Date: Use the calender to select the required date for the job.
    • Reference: (optional) Type a reference number for this job if it is required for your records.
    • Service Provider: Select the service provider from the drop-down list.
    • Job Template: Select the appropriate template for this job.
    • Locales: Select the source and target locales required for this job (selected locales are shown with a check mark).
    • Additional Job Notes: (optional) Type any additional notes you want to include for this job.
  6. To create the translation job file, click Create.