Recognize localized variants in the library


Localized objects listed in the library are easily recognizable in Author-it Editor:

Library Explorer Window in Author-it Editor


Locale variants may not always share the same name as the primary object, but they are always displayed under them in the folder view (your variant objects have to reside in the same folder as their parent objects for successful job creation).

  • The 'Locale' column displays the language or locale for each variant.
  • The flag and locale name indicate if the object has been localized.
  • If you right-click the object you will also see a Localized check box.

Icon differences for locale primary objects and their locale variants:


No icon - a standard object that has no variants.


Locale Primary object


Locale Primary object (with other non-locale variant criteria assigned)


Locale of a primary object (only has the locale criteria assigned)


Locale of a primary object (with locale and other non-locale variant criteria assigned)

View History:

A localized object has a history point of type XML Import.