Open & view a translation job


You can open an existing translation job to view the books, variants, languages, and objects with a word count. When you view an existing translation job, many of the settings are read-only. The window also includes an option to cancel the job.

To open an existing translation job:

  1. In the list, select the Translation Job record.
  2. In the ribbon, choose Translation Jobs > Open, or right-click and then choose Open.

    Translation Jobs_Open

    When the Translation Job Summary window opens, you can view the settings on the Book tab or the Languages tab, or use the Objects tab to view the objects that have been included in this Translation Job.

  3. Close the window.

The Objects tab

The Objects tab displays all objects that were included in the translation job. The tab displays the following information for each object:

  • Description: The name of the object, identified by using the object's Description field on the General tab.
  • Variation: Identifies if this object is a primary object (the column is empty) or if this object is a variant (when the variant is used as the source content).
  • Based on: Identifies the template on which the object is based.
  • Modified date and user: The date and user who last modified the object.
  • Object code: The object's code in the library.
  • Release state: The release state currently applied to the object.
  • Word count new: The total of new words in the object to be translated. If the object has never been translated, this is the total translatable word count for the object.
  • Word count retranslated: The number of words that have already been translated for this object.