Exclude primary objects


When you use non-locale variants in your library (for example, variants for software releases or products), Translations allows you to select which variants are included in a translation job.

Example: How variant objects are selected for a translation job

Scenario: I want to send some variant objects used by a book for translation. I don't want to send the primary objects in the translation job, because they do not need translation to that language.

Send Variant Objects for Translation

The book contains ordinary and primary topics.

Two of the primary topics (the green topics) have variant topics (the yellow topics) that I want to include for translation. There is no need to translate the primary objects of these variants.

Process to create the translation job for the variant objects:

  1. In Translations, create a translation job and add the book.
  2. In the variant selection pane, select the variant criteria that are used by the variant objects.
  3. Select Exclude Primary Objects.
  4. Apply all other settings (language, service provider, additional notes, and so on) and create the translation job.

    Tip! Once the job has been created you can view the objects included in the job before you send it to your service provider.