Style objects for publishing


Some locales require different font attributes to display text correctly in the published outputs. For example, Western languages use a left-to-right layout, while Middle Eastern languages use a right-to-left layout. While working in Author or the Library, the Editor uses the attributes set in the primary object.

During publishing, Author-it will automatically use the correct attributes for that publishing job based on the locale value you assigned to the Style object variant.

To create a variant of a style object:

  1. Assign the appropriate locale as the variant value.
  2. Update the Print (the style name), Help, and Web attributes.

    Important: To publish to a print output, you need to create a new style in the Word publishing template with the required attributes. On the Print tab of the Style object variant, set the mapping to use the name of the new style in the Word template.

    If you're using a custom CSS file, update the attributes in the file.