Translation job status screen


This screen displays the progress of translation job processes, including detailed status information for each component of the process.


The status updates dynamically, with the most recent action shown at the bottom of the list.


This display is normally used to track the progress of jobs that are Creating and Importing, but it can display any stage of the life cycle.

When you click Create to start creating the job, or Import to start importing the job into the Library, the system performs multiple actions.

While theses actions are in progress, the job's status is shown in the Job Status column as a Creating... hyperlink and an animation, or as an Importing... hyperlink and an animation.

To display the Job Status display:

  • Click the animation or the hyperlink in the Job Status column , or right-click the job and select Show progress.

    JobsRight-Click-Show progress

To close the Job Status display:

  • Click Close to close the Job Status Display without stopping the process.