Service Providers screen


A service provider is the person or company that provides translation services for localization. The Service Provider records are used to provide settings and drop-down options for convenient selection when you create a new translation job.

Prerequisites for creating Service Providers

Before creating Service Providers, you'll need to complete the following settings used in the Service Provider record:

  • Job Name Templates
  • Locales


In the Service Provider screen

The Service Provider screen displays the following columns and information:

  • Company column: The service provider company name.
  • Country column: The country in which the service provider is located.
  • City column: The city in which the service provider is located.
  • Contact column: The name of the contact person for the service provider.
  • Phone Number column: The phone number of the service provider's contact.
  • Email column: The email address of the service provider's contact.
  • Word Count column: Set a maximum word count per translation Job.
  • Locales Supported column: Displays the existing locale pairs per service provider.


    If column space makes it difficult to view this information, hold your mouse cursor over an entry to see a tool tip.


  • Job type column options: One job for all books or one job per book.

The Service Providers group on the button bar

Use the Service Providers group on the button bar to create new records, to modify existing records, or to delete records. Select a record to display the Open and Delete options.



Launches New or Open Service Provider screen.



Launches New or Open Service Provider screen for viewing or editing the single selected Service Provider. This button becomes active when only one Locale is selected.



Removes the checked Service Providers. You need to confirm the deletion.