Cross-references for Japanese content


Acme's requirements

Acme's product documentation is published to several languages. The Japanese content has special requirements for the order used in the cross reference text; the published cross-reference text must show the page number before the remaining reference text.

Note: This option must use the Japanese locale.

Solution: Create a variant of the hyperlink template

Create a variant of the hyperlink template and assign the locale as the variant value. Update the cross reference text on the Print tab. During publishing, when you filter for this locale, Author-it automatically uses the settings from the variant template.

In this example, we'll create a variant for the Japanese output and update the cross reference text to "Page number", "Page reference text", "Heading text", "Reference text".

JP Cross Reference Order_New

Update the hyperlink template variant

Open the variant template and update the reference text and the include page number text boxes, and select Always include heading text.

 Japanese Cross Reference


Reference text field - Custom text can be added to this field for the published Print output.


Include page number option and text field - Select this option to include the page number; custom text can be added to this field for the published output.


Update the Word publishing template

Update the HotSpot style in the publishing template by removing the italic formatting. This step ensures that the characters and the quotation marks around the heading text are displayed clearly.