Set up translation profiles & options in Translations


The following steps need to be completed to set up the records for your translation service providers and additional translation job options. These settings are configured by your Library's Security Administrator.

To set up a translation profile:

Note: Work through the settings described in steps 1, 2, and 3 sequentially as you create a record for each service provider. The settings in steps 4 and 5 are general settings that relate to all translation jobs.

  1. Create the Job Name Templates used to automatically name the translation jobs when they are created.
  2. Set up the Locales for the Library, including the fall-back structure and assigning translated values for variables. These settings are used when publishing the translated content.
  3. Create the Service Provider records used to automatically assign the service provider settings to a translation job.
  4. Set the Release States you'll assign to content at different stages of the translation process.
  5. Set the Options that control how images are added to a translation job and the refresh rates for screens.

After completing these steps you can create your translation jobs.

Important: To work with the settings you need Security Administrator permissions, and both Administrator and Localizer roles.