Related topics group for localized content


You can use variants of the Topic object template to localize the Related Topics groups headings for each locale.

Acme's requirements

Acme's product documentation is organized to use the Related Topics group headings in their online output to link to related topics and to add links to the Index, Contents, and Next and Previous topics. Because they will be publishing to several languages, Acme wants to ensure that the group headings displayed in each topic are also localized.

Solution: Create a variant of the topic object's template

Create variants of the topic object template for each locale. In each variant of the template, update the Related Topic group headings with the localized equivalent.

Translated Related Topic Group Headings in Variant Template


When you publish the content for the source language, Author-it uses the "source" variant of the Topic object template. When you publish the book for the French content, Author-it automatically uses the French variant of the Topic object template and the localized related topic group headings.

To update the Related Topics Group Heading:

  1. Open the properties for the template and select the Related Topics tab.
  2. Select the heading in the Group Heading window.

    Select a Related Topics Heading

  3. Update the text in the Group Heading field.

    Update the Related Topic Heading

  4. Select and then update each heading you'll need for your published output.
  5. Save your changes to the variant template.