Set the release states for Translations


Release states will be applied to content during the different stages of the translation job life cycle.

Translations users need sufficient permissions to view and work with the content they will be editing.

The minimum permissions required for release states for import and export of the translation jobs are: List, Read, Modify, Change Into State, Change Out of State. If these permissions are not assigned, users will not be able to import or export translation jobs.

For the release states selected in Only send source objects in these release states for translation, the minimum permissions are List and Read.

For more information on how Release States are used by Translations, see: Release States Screen.

For more information on the Localizer role permissions, see: Setting Role and Folder Permissions for the Localizer Role.

To create and classify release states for localization jobs:

  1. Open Author and then choose File > Release States.
  2. Create the release states for your localization:
    1. Right-click the release state list and then choose Add State.
    2. Type the name for the state and then click OK.
    3. Select the state, and then click inside the Release State type column and choose Translation.
    4. Assign an object color to each release state. The object color is shown in Author and Library to quickly identify the objects in a specific release state.
    5. In this step, do not use the review color setting.
    6. Update the permissions.
  3. Click OK to save your changes.