Set role & folder permissions for the localizer role


Because folder and release state permissions may differ among users, some Translations users may find that they cannot see or work with content.

The following localization permissions determine how localizers can work with objects.

To set Localizer role and folder action permissions for Translations:

  1. Open Author and then choose File > Folder Action Permissions.
  2. Select the Localizer role.


  3. Set folder permissions for the Localizer role:

    To be able to create and complete a translation job, the permissions needed for a user assigned to the localizer role are:

    • Create Book Object and Book Template
    • Create File Object and File Template
    • Create Glossary Object and Glossary Template
    • Create Hypertext Object and Hypertext Template
    • Create Index Object and Index Template
    • Create Index Entry Object and Index Entry Template
    • Create Table Of Contents Object (TOC Object) and Table Of Contents Template (TOC Template)
    • Create Table Of Figures Object (TOF Object) and Table Of Figures Template (TOF Template)
    • Create Topic Object and Topic Template
    • List Objects
    • Read Objects
    • Modify Object
    • Change Out Of State
    • Publishing Objects (only needed to publish and check completed jobs – not essential for translation job life cycle)
  4. Be sure that the folder action permissions are set for the folders holding the content that will be used in the translation jobs.
  5. Save your changes.