Customize the screen display


To customize the screen display:



Hold your cursor over the right edge of a column header until you see a drop-down arrow, and then click the arrow to display the menu.


Click to sort the screen rows in either ascending or descending order.

Important: The screen treats uppercase and lowercase separately. For example, in ascending order it will list ascending numbers, then ascending uppercase, then ascending lowercase.


Click the columns to display a list of the column headers used in this screen. When checked, the column header is visible. If you want to, you can hide columns by un-checking them.


Screens can be grouped by a column header so that all records with one value are listed together. For example, if you group by Status column, the system will list all Created records together, and all Creating... records together. Screens that contain numerical information (for example, Word Count) provide a summary total row at the bottom of each group.


Check to enable showing in groups, by this column type. Uncheck to disable showing in groups.



Check this ALL box to select ALL check boxes / rows in the screen.
When ALL is checked and one or more individual node boxes are unchecked, the ALL box remains checked.
Unchecking the ALL box at this point will uncheck all boxes in the screen.


Resize columns by dragging edges.


Re-order columns by dragging the headers to new positions.


Check a row box to select the row. Note that you can also select by clicking the rows themselves.

Select multiple individual rows by selecting boxes or by CTRL-clicking rows.

Select a series of rows by clicking a row and then SHIFT-clicking a row further down or up.