Sort the translation jobs screen by filter


Use the Translation Job Filters to quickly filter and display selected groups of translation jobs in the translation jobs screen.

Note: Using Translation Job Filters is optional, and if used they can be created at any time.

When you create filters, they are displayed in the Navigation pane, beneath the Translation Jobs entry. To filter the translation jobs, simply click a Filter. The jobs list is updated and displays the results based on the filter criteria.


Examples for using filters:

  • Create a filter named Download These to display all jobs with the Created status, that are then ready for download
  • Create a filter named Import These to display all Jobs with the Uploaded status, that have been uploaded to the Import folder, and are now ready for Import into the Library.
  • Create a filter named Speedy to display all translation jobs for a service provider called Speedy Translation Services.
  • Create a filter named Today to display all translation jobs that have been created today.

Translation Jobs Filter Button Group

Translation Jobs Filter group on the button bar:

Use the Translation Jobs Filter group on the button bar to create new filters, modify or view existing filters, or delete filters. Select a filter to display the Open and Delete options


Click the New button to launch the New or Edit Translation Jobs Filter Screen.


When one existing Translation Jobs Filter is selected, you can click the Open button to launch the New or Edit Translation Jobs Filter Screen.


When one or more Translation Jobs Filters are selected, click this Delete button to delete them. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.

You can also open or delete existing filters from a right-click menu: