Locales screen - Cloud


The Locales screen lists the locales in the library. You can add more locales to the library, based on the number of locales allowed by your license file.

Tip: When you are working with Locales, use the Refresh button at bottom left to refresh the page display.

Locales are values for the English (United States) variable.


Note: The locales screen interface functionality is not as extensive as with other Translations screens. You can hide or show columns, but there is limited scope for arranging them.

In the Locales screen

  • The library's Default Locale is at the top of the list.
  • Description column: A read-only definition of the locale.
  • Language column: Displays the language selected for the Locale.
  • Code column: The locale code, displayed in ISO format. You can customize this code in the New or Open Locale screen.
  • Parent Locale column: The base locale or fall-back locale. This need not necessarily be the library's default locale. From the New or Open Locale screen you can reconfigure the parent locale to create a hierarchy.
  • Refresh button: Use this to refresh the page display.

In the example below, the German locale has been configured to have French as a Parent Locale, with the result that French will also be the Fall Back Locale. Notice the hierarchical result in the Locales screen:


The Open and Delete functions are also available from a right-click menu in the Locales screen.


The Locales group on the button bar

Use the Locales group on the button bar to create new locales, to modify existing locales, or to delete locales. Select a record to display the Open and Delete options.



Add New locales in the New Locale or Open Locale screen. To create a New Locale, you need a spare locale registered on your license. Once the number of locales equals the number specified in the license, you will not be able to create new locales, and will see a warning screen to that effect.



Open the single selected locale for editing or viewing in the New Locale or Open Locale screen. This button is only active when one locale is checked.



Delete selected locale(s) from the library. A confirmation message box appears before the record is deleted.