Create a translation job filter


To create a new translation jobs filter:

  1. Click Translation Jobs in the left navigation pane, then click NewTranslation Jobs Filter from the ribbon to open the New Translation Jobs Filter window.


  2. Type a Translation Job Filter name.
  3. Work sequentially through the filter tabs, selecting the options that you want to apply to this filter:


    Each filter that you select is added to the filter criteria:


    • (Optional) specify a Time Period (the default setting is All).
    • (Optional) choose a Reference. These are as created in the Reference field in New Translation Jobs.


    • (Optional) choose a Status. These are as displayed in the Translation Jobs Status column.


    • (Optional) choose the Service Providers. These are as configured in your Service Providers screen.


    • (Optional) choose Locales. These are as configured in your Locales screen.


      You can select multiple locales, following the same logic as for creating translation jobs. (Refer to the section Variant Criteria Fall-back Paths for Translation Jobs for more details on how the locales are used.)

  4. Save your settings. The translation jobs filter is created and displays in the navigation pane beneath the translation jobs entry.