Single value selection


The following examples describe the variant values in the Translation Job window when you are adding source content to a translation job. The examples are for selections within a variant criterion group.

This example is the simplest form of object selection as it only uses one value. However, even when only one value is selected a fall-back path is used.

Single value

This is a simple example of only one variant criterion group, and only one value selected.


Fall-back path logic:




"Send for translation all objects from the selected books that are in the correct release state, and that have the variant criteria value of Region=AUS.

Where objects from the books do not have this value, then fall-back to Region=None (that is, send the primary object)."

This specifies: "From the books that I have selected in this Job, where objects are in the correct release state,

  • Send for translation all objects that have the variant criteria value of Region=Australia.
  • Do not send Region=USA and do not send Region=EU.
  • For any object for which no Region variant criteria value of Region=Australia can be found, fall back to Region=None and send the primary object."