Translation job status column


Each job's status within the translation job life cycle displays in the Status column as a hyperlink. For example:


Tip: If you find this column is especially important in your work, you can order it towards the start of the screen, show the records in Status Groups, and/or selectively hide less important columns. See Screen Characteristics for information about modifying the screen display.

Status text colors indicate that action is required

Colored text within the Status column distinguishes the important stages of the job's life cycle, and indicates that a job is waiting on your actions to move it to the next stage. The stages are:

  • Created
  • Ready for Import
  • Imported
  • Failed (all statuses that describe failures)

Click the status text hyperlink for more detailed progress information

If a status displays as a hyperlink, you can click it to load the more detailed Job Status display.

Jobs with Creating and Importing status display text and an animated graphic that is also a hyperlink to the Progress Component Display.

Translation job statuses

Unless otherwise indicated, all of these are hyperlinks within the Status column.



The translation job XML is being created (hyperlink + animation). Click to pop up the Job Status display, from which you can see the status of the job's components.


The XML is created (it is now ready to be downloaded to a location before being sent to a service provider). Click this hyperlink to download a log.

Failed to Create

The translation job was not created.

Out for Translation

The download process for the XML has completed. It is now out of the system, and is ready to be manually sent to a service provider.

Ready for Import

Translated XML files have been uploaded. They have been returned from the service provider, uploaded to an accessible location, are now being tracked once more within the system. The files can now be imported.


The translation job XML is being imported into the library (hyperlink + animation).

Draft Imported

A draft import has been successfully performed for this job. Translations has updated the relevant local variant objects to the release state for draft imports. The objects are ready to be reviewed.

Failed to Import

The translation job failed to import.


A final import has been successfully performed for this job. Translations has updated all relevant objects.


The job has been canceled (no hyperlink).


All other failures.