Variant criteria in the translation jobs window


When you are working in the Book tab in the Translation Jobs window, you select a book and the variant criteria values that match the source content you want to send in your translation job. (The source content will be translated into the language you select on the Languages tab.)

In books using variant objects, the criteria values are used as a "starting point" to select the source content that will be sent for translation into another locale. When an object matching your selection does not exist, a fall-back option is used to select an alternative object.

Variant criteria are displayed when there is at least one value to choose from; each value is listed against a check box which is used for selecting that option. When the value is selected it is added next to the criteria group name.

Translation Job Criteria Filter

The following topics and examples describe variant criteria selections in the Translation Job window (in Translations) and how the logic is applied to content. It is important to understand the logic as it determines the content you'll send to your translator when you create a translation job.