Permissions for objects in translation jobs


To successfully create a translation job, you must have permissions to read, create, and modify the objects that will be included in the job. This includes changing the release states applied to the objects at different stages of the translation cycle.

If you do not have the appropriate permissions, the Job Status window will advise there is a permissions problem and list the objects involved.

For example, the Job Status window may report, "You do not have permission to create localized objects for object(s) in this book. Please check your permissions of the following object(s) 544,545,546."

Job Status Message - No Permissions

When objects are included in their first translation job, you should have at least the following permissions to the folders containing the objects and the release state permissions: create, list, read, and change out of state. The first translation job for an object requires more permissions because the variant objects are created in this job.

Subsequent translation jobs require the modify permission. This permission is used for updating the existing objects when the translation job is brought back into the library.

Minimum folder permissions for the Translations user

  • Create objects and templates (all object types used by the book), list, read, modify, change out of state
  • For graphics, you also need the create permission for folders containing the File objects and the folders containing File object templates used by the graphics

Minimum release state permissions for the Translations user

  • For the state(s) selected in the Only send source objects in these release states for translation option, the minimum permissions are List and Read.
  • For the states for export and import, the minimum permissions are: List, Read, Modify, Change Into State, Change Out of State