Screen characteristics


Customization saves to database, not cookies

On first log in, screens display in default view. However, you can customize screens in many ways. Your settings will be saved and used to restore the same configuration and appearance the next time that you display that screen. Any interface customization is recorded in the database, not in cookies, so your settings are retrieved no matter which computer you use for log in.

Tip: Experiment with the screen display to find the layouts that best suit your needs.

Hyperlinks only become visible when you hover over them

To keep the interface as simple as possible, hyperlinks in the Screen become visible (underlined) only when you move the pointer over them:


Pages navigation bar

If you have too many records for one page, the screen will automatically spread them across multiple pages and display a navigation bar to enable you to move between pages and to control the number of records displayed per page.


  • Show start page | show previous page | View # of pages | show next page | show last page.
  • Use the refresh button to reload your list.
  • Customize the list by selecting the maximum number of rows to display per page; the default is 20 rows.