Search for a book to add to the translation job


Select Book Search

Use the Select book option if you know the name of the book you want to add to the translation job.

Book Search Drop-down

To search for a book by using the select book search:

  1. Type a minimum of three letters in the search field. Searching begins automatically and the results are displayed. Alternatively, display all books in the Library by clicking on the arrow next to the search field.

    Note: Use the paging options to view more results in the list.

  2. From the results list, click on a book to add it to the translation job book list.

    Select Book from Search Drop-down List

Book Selector Advanced Search

Use the Book Selector's advanced search options to search for books in specific folders, or if you are unsure of the exact words in the book's title.

Book Selector Advanced Search

To use the advanced search options:

  1. Click the Search button to open the Book Selector.
  2. Select the folders for the search. Use the default option of All Folders, or choose a specific folder or sub-folder in the Library. Type a word from the book's name and then press the ENTER key.
  3. Select the book in the results list; a check mark appears next to the book title when it is selected.

    Note: Use the paging options to view more results in the list.

  4. Click Select to add the book to the translation job.

    Select a Book Using the Book Selctor