Download & export a translation job



In the Translation Job Life Cycle, once a job has been created, the system stores the job in an Export folder on the server, in a zipped archive.

The next step is to download this archive from the server to a location where you can access it, check it, and send it to the appropriate Service Provider.

To download a translation job:

  1. Select one or more jobs from the Translation Jobs list. The jobs that are ready for downloading show the status as Created.
  2. To open the File Download window, choose Translation Jobs > Download in the ribbon, or right-click the job (or jobs) and choose Download.

    Translation Jobs_Download

  3. To save the zip file to your computer or another location, choose Save in the File Download window.
  4. Send the translation job zip file to your service provider by using Email or FTP, or any other appropriate method.
  5. Change the status of the jobs that you've sent to the service provider from Downloaded to Out for Translation.
  6. Select a job in the Translation Jobs list.
  7. Right-click a job, and then choose Change Status.
  8. Choose Out for Translation.

    Note: You can only update one job at a time; the option is not available if you multi-select jobs.

    Change Job Status to Out for translation