Cancel a translation job


When you cancel a translation job, Translations performs the following actions:

  • Deletes the job from the Translation Jobs list.
  • Deletes any local variants that were created for this job.
  • Updates the release state applied to objects in the job:
    • Any local variants that were included in this job, and already existed before (the objects for re-translation) get the release state for cancelled jobs
    • Local variants that were flagged as 'Requires re-translation' before the job was created, are flagged for re-translation again.
  • Deletes any associated XML (.zip) files that were created.

To cancel a translation job:

  1. In the Translation Jobs list, select the job.
  2. On the ribbon, select Translation Jobs > Cancel, or right-click the job name and then choose Cancel.

    Translation Jobs_Cancel

  3. A confirmation message is displayed. To cancel the job and remove it from the Translation Jobs list, Choose OK.


You can cancel a job that is currently being created. The system must complete the process of creating the job before it can be canceled.

You cannot cancel a job that is currently being imported. You must wait for the import to complete before you can cancel the job.

The cancel action is not shown in the Translation Jobs list because the job is removed from this list. When you create a translation job filter for Cancelled jobs, you can view them within this filter.