Cancel a translation job


Translations allows you to cancel translation jobs after they've been created, unless they're currently being imported.

  • You can't cancel a job that is currently being created. The system must complete the process of creating the job before it can be canceled.
  • You can't cancel a job that is currently being imported. You must wait for the import to complete before you can cancel the job.
  • The cancel action is not shown in the Translation Jobs list because the job is removed from this list. When you create a translation job filter for canceled jobs, you can view them within this filter.
    • Deletes the job from the Translation Jobs list.
    • Deletes any locale variants that were created for this job.
    • Updates the release state applied to objects in the job:
      • Any locale variants that were included in this job, and already existed before (the objects for re-translation) get the release state for canceled
      • Locale variants that were flagged as 'Requires re-translation' before the job was created, are flagged for re-translation again.
    • Deletes any associated XML (.zip) files that were created.
  1. In Translations, open the Translation Jobs list,.
  2. Select the job.
  3. Select Translation Jobs > Cancel.

    Translation Jobs_Cancel

  4. Confirm the cancelation.

    Translations performs the following actions: