Upload a translation job



In the Translation Job Life Cycle, once the Service Provider returns the translated XML, the next step is to upload the XML .zip file to the server, where it can again be associated with translation jobs.

The upload procedure stores the XML in an Import folder on the server, from which is can be imported into the Library.

You can also click Upload And Import to complete two steps in one action.

Using Upload vs. Upload And Import

Upload files: Use this option when you want to do a draft import. This option uploads the file to the Import Folder on the server. When this step has been completed, you can use the separate option to import the file into the library.

Upload And Import files: Use this option if you do not want to do a draft import. This option uploads the files and imports them into the library in one action.

To upload a translation job:

  1. On the ribbon, go to Translation Jobs > Upload. The Upload window opens.

    Translation Jobs_Upload

  2. Click Add, and then browse to the .zip file that you want to upload to the server.

    Note: The XML .zip file should use the same naming convention as the original exported .zip file.

  3. Select the files in the file list and then click Upload or Upload And Import.