Options screen


Use this screen to configure various defaults for Translations.

Options Screen

Default Locale value for objects in this library:

When you open the Options settings, if only one locale exists in the library (that is, no other locale records have been created), the Default Locale value option is enabled. Use this option to select the base language for your localizations (this is the base language you use for creating content in your library).

If there is more than one locale record, this setting is disabled.

Set one of the locales as the default value for the < SYS_LOCALE> variable. The < SYS_LOCALE> variable must already have been updated in the library, triggered by a prompt when you first log in to the library through Translations.

Caution on changing the default locale!
Be cautious about changing the default locale value as it significantly affects Translations behavior, particularly if you have created a locale hierarchy. The Translations software system tries to safeguard against this in two ways:

1. The option is enabled when there is the default locale for the library and no other locale records have been created. Once another locale record has been created, this option is disabled.

2. In Translations, you cannot change the default locale value if jobs have been created and are Active or Completed, because if translation jobs exist in the library a change to the default locale value has the potential to cause errors within the database.

Picture options

  • Export embedded pictures as files: Creates a copy of embedded image files from the book(s) included in the translation job, if the file object contains any translatable text. A set of images is included with the files for each locale.
  • Also include file objects without translatable text: This works only in combination with Export embedded pictures as files or Export linked pictures as files. Even when the file objects do not contain any translatable content, the picture is exported.
  • Export linked pictures as files: Creates a copy of each linked image file from the book(s) included in the translation job. A set of images is included with the files for each locale. When the File object links to different image files on the output tabs, a copy of each image is included, prefixed with the first letter of the output tab (Print, Help, or Web), for example, P_123.gif or W_123.jpg.
  • Include previews of pictures: Creates a JPG preview for each image included in the translation job. Using this option, all images are converted to JPG format.

Refresh Rate:

Set the time used to refresh the Translation Jobs Grid when lengthy processes such as Importing and Uploading are running. Type zero for no refresh at all. The minimum refresh time is 30 seconds, and maximum time is 24 hours. Refresh rates can be set for:

  • Translation jobs grid: The main translation jobs interface is browser-based, so it requires a refresh period (you can also refresh manually).
  • Check for uploaded files: refresh rate is not supported anymore.