Object is reused in two books


This process describes the behaviour of the flag for re-translation when you have two books that use a topic, and the object is modified and included in the translation job for the second book:

  1. A user edits the primary object in the source language. A locale variant of that object is out for translation (included in a translation job for book 1 (job1)).
  2. The flag for re-translation appears on the locale variants of that primary object.
  3. Book 2 reuses that object. A user creates a translation job for book 2 that contains that primary object for that language (job 2).
  4. As soon as the translation job 2 is 'Created', the flag for re-translation is removed from the locale variant. The variant shows the full color flag again. From the release state, you can see that the object is sent for translation, and has content that is not up-to-date yet.
  5. When you import the translation job 1, the state of the object variant is not changed to the import state, because there is still a newer open translation job that includes this object.
  6. The state of the locale variant changes to the import state on import of the translation job 2.