Linked file object templates


This topic looks at an example that uses variants of a linked File object template.

(Note: This topic is not relevant to localizing embedded images. That process is different; it requires creating a variant of the File object used in the topic, and then updating the image in that File object variant.)

Acme's requirements

Acme has several linked images that need to be updated for its localized content.

Solution: Use a variant of the linked file object template

When localizing content you might also need to create localized versions of your images and screenshots. When you complete the localized images, store them in a separate sub folder for each locale.

Using this method, you'll create a variant of your linked File object template for each locale that requires localized images. Then you'll open the variant and update the Directory path so it points to a sub folder containing the images for that locale. For example, the primary template points at the Graphics folder. Variants of this template point at the sub folders for French (Graphics\FR) or German (Graphics\DE).

Variants for Linked File Object Template

Important: When you use this method you must be certain that each copy of the image uses the same file name. For example, the file in your Graphics folder is named image.jpg, and the localized images are also named image.jpg in your Graphics\FR and your Graphics\DE folders. The localized images cannot be used If there are variations in the file name.

Linked Graphics Folder Structure

When you use this method you do not need to create a variant of the File object itself. Although you are changing the picture in the image file, you are maintaining the same file name and file format. From the template, the only change in Author-it is the location where the image is stored.


When you publish the content for the source language, Author-it uses the source variant of the linked File object template that points to the Graphics folder (1). When you publish the book for the French content, Author-it automatically uses the French variant of the linked File object template (2) that points to the Graphics\FR folder (3) and picks up the image named in the File object (4).

Variants of Localized Linked File Object Templates