Combining AND-OR logic


The following examples describe the variant values in the Translation Job window when you are adding source content to a translation job. The example is for selections across multiple variant criterion groups.

Working with multiple variant criteria groups becomes slightly more complex because the combination of AND - OR logic is introduced along with fall-back paths.

Example: I want to send objects where the Region=Aus and the Version=2.0






"Send for translation all objects from the selected books that are in the correct release state, and that have a Region variant criteria value AND a version variant criterion value, in any of these combinations:

(Region=AUS OR Region=None)


(Version=2.0 OR Version=1.0 OR Version=None)"

 The AND - OR logic for this example:

The logic for this example specifies: "From the books that I have selected in this Job, where objects are in the correct release state,

  • Send for translation all objects that have the variant criteria values of (Region=AUS) AND (Version=2.0)
  • Do not send objects with value Region=USA, nor with value Region=EU, nor with value Version=3.0
  • For any object where the checked variant criteria values cannot be found, fall back progressively and send objects with the variant criteria values in these combinations: (Region=AUS OR Region=None) AND (Version=2.0 OR Version=1.0 OR Version=None)".

So, if an object does not have values of Region=AUS AND Version=2.0, then fall-back options would include objects where:

  • Region=AUS AND Version=1.0
  • Region=AUS AND Version=None
  • Region=None AND Version=2.0
  • Region=None AND Version=1.0
  • Region=None AND Version=None