Xtend settings

Library configuration & administration

Access statistical information for Xtend indexing in the Administrator.

Note: Depending on the size of your library, the indexing information shown in Administrator may take some time to update when the service is run for the first time. For example, a large library may take several hours to index.

To view the indexing information:

  1. Open your library in Administrator.
  2. From the main menu go to Settings > Xtend Settings....

<AIT> Administrator Xtend Settings

The information shows:

  • Paragraphs Indexed: displays 100% the library is fully indexed and Authoring Memory is active. If the percentage is less than 100% Authoring Memory is not currently active.
  • Paragraph Count: displays the total number of paragraphs in the library that have been indexed.
  • Paragraph Reuse: displays the current level of reuse in the library as a percentage.

Click the Refresh button to update the paragraph details displayed in the Information area.