Remove empty objects

Library configuration & administration

Sometimes failed imports create "empty" objects in a library. The Remove Empty Objects option cleans out those empty objects.

Objects displaying without any description or details it indicates that there are empty objects in your library. In these circumstances, you should use Author-it's Remove Empty Objects.

There can also be rare cases when an object displays as normal but with an object code of zero (0). In this case, there is a field missing in the library data. Running the Remove Empty Objects function will correct the problem by reallocating the correct ID without removing the object from the library.

To remove empty objects:

  1. Open the library using Author-it Administrator.
  2. Go to Maintenance > Remove Empty Objects.

    Progress displays in the progress bar, as objects are cleared from the library.

    Note: Users must be logged out of the library before you can remove any empty objects. If any users are logged in to the library at the time an information message displays advising you that the action cannot be completed.