Assign license tokens to users

Library configuration & administration

Using Author-it's License Assignment Configuration you can reserve licenses for users, groups, or other libraries. For example, you can reserve licenses for a specific time period (days, weeks, etc) for a selected group of users, ensuring they have full access to resources needed to complete a special project.

Note: This step is optional. You'll only assign license tokens if you want to reserve or restrict the available licenses for certain users, groups, or libraries.

  1. Open the library using Author-it Administrator.
  2. Select Security > Allocate Licenses.... The License Allocation window opens.
  3. Select the License Token then right-click and click New.... The License Assignment configuration window opens.

    License Assignment Configuration

  4. Click an option under Assign to:
    • User: assigns the token allocation to an individual user. Select the user from the drop-down list.
    • Group: assigns the token allocation to a group. Any users assigned to that group can use the token. Select the Group from the drop-down list.

      Note: Options in the drop-down lists for the user names and groups are populated from the Author-it Administrator's Users and Groups.

    • Library: assigns the token allocation to a library. Select a Library from the Name drop-down list, or click the browse button to open the New Related Library window. Click the browse button and select the library.
  5. Select the Minimum and Maximum number of tokens you are assigning to this configuration.
    • To reserve tokens select the minimum number of tokens that will be made available. Individual users have one token assigned, while groups and libraries can have multiple tokens assigned.
    • To restrict tokens select the maximum number of tokens that will be made available. As an example, selecting 1 token will restrict usage of the functionality, while selecting 0 tokens will remove the functionality for the selected user or group.
  6. Select the start and finish dates for the time period the tokens will be assigned in this configuration.
  7. Click OK to assign the tokens and close the configuration window.