Set object relationships

Library configuration & administration

Author enables you to set new relationships between objects by dragging and dropping objects. For example, you can drag a topic from the Library Explorer into the contents of a book, or from the contents of a book into a Hypertext Link object. You can drag one topic into another topic in order to embed topics or to create hypertext links.

To set relationships by dragging:

  1. Open the object that you're setting a relationship from, and ensure the relationship property is visible - it's usually a panel that you drop other objects into, such as a book's content pane.
  2. In the Library Explorer or in a book's content pane, select the object you want to establish the relationship with.
  3. Drag and drop that object into the relationship property of the object that you want to establish the relationship from. The related object's details are shown.

In the following image, the topic named Disclaimer is selected in the Sample\Common Content folder and then dropped into the X1000 User Guide book content pane. Dropping the Disclaimer topic into the book content pane creates a relationship between the topic and the book, and also displays the contents of the topic in the right pane.

Dragging an Object into a Book