Object locking

Library configuration & administration

To prevent multiple authors from trying to modify the same object at the same time, objects are locked when opened or checked out.

  • A local lock is placed on an object when it is opened, and removed when the object is closed. Other authors will be able to open the object during this period but will not be able to edit it. If the computer that has an object locked does not close the object correctly due to a crash, power off without correctly exiting, network problem and so forth, then the lock should clear after five minutes. Failing that, the administrator can clear the object locks.

    A local lock is indicated by in the object list.

  • A black lock () means that the object is still open in Contribute. Close the object in Contribute to release the lock.

To see who has an object locked, open the object and the locking information is displayed as part of the title bar.