Use a license file to assign a license to an Author-it library

Library configuration & administration

When you buy Author-it On-Premises, you receive an email with a license file and license key. These must be assigned to your Author-it library, to make it possible to open the library and use any modules for Author-it On-Premises.

  1. Open the library using Author-it Administrator.
  2. Go to Security > Update Licenses....

    The Update License window opens.

    Select License Model

  3. Click I want to load the license file generated specifically for this organization by Author-it.
  4. Click Next.

    Locate License File

  5. Select Load from License file, then Browse to your license (*.alc) file.
  6. Enter the license key into the License Key field. The license key is provided in the license email.
  7. Click Next.

    The window shows an overview of the licenses for your organization.

  8. When the Licensing has been successfully updated, close the licensing window.