Check Topic Text Relations option

Library configuration & administration

Author-it software employs two means of object relationship storage. The Check Topic Text Relations is a manual utility that compares these two means and resolves differences between them.

When the differences are not resolved, there is a possibility that object relations are incorrectly stored, leading to problems in areas such as localization, where related objects are not included in translation jobs.

When to use this utility

Run this utility if you ever notice in the Show Relationships dialog that there are different objects displayed than what is visible within the Topic in the Editor. For example, embedded topics or styles are visible in the Topic, but not in the Show Relationships dialog.

To check and re-generate topic text relationships:

  1. Open the Administrator.
  2. From the Maintenance menu, click Check Topic Text Relationships.


The software checks and re-generates text relationships, showing a progress display. If any issues cannot be resolved they will be listed at the end of the report.

Now when you compare the Topic and Show Relationships content they match.

To deal with unresolved anomalies

If any discrepancies cannot be resolved, the utility will list them at the end of the report as objects requiring further attention.

Open the topics and examine them. Save the topic at this point to force a display of more descriptive error messages (if there is a problem). For example, you may see a reference to a missing embedded topic.