Clear all object locks

Library configuration & administration

Object locks automatically clear after 5 minutes. If a user's session crashes, the objects they were working with may still be locked. Some operations, like updating object templates, require objects to be locked.

In these situations, the Author-it Administrator program lets you forcibly clear all object locks. Make sure you inform all users if possible before you take this action.

To clear object locks:

  1. Open the library in Author-it Administrator.
  2. From the main menu go to Maintenance > Clear Object Locks and Sessions....

    The Clear Locks window opens.

    • The Local Users tab represents authors who are connected directly to the Main Library. If Author-it was not exited correctly, it may leave locks on objects.
    • The Offline Users tab can be ignored.
    • The Translation Jobs tab represents objects locked in a locale library when exported as part of a translation job. The lock is removed when the job referencing the object is imported. The administrator may clear the object locks associated with a translation job but this will prevent the translation job from being imported.
  3. Select the individual sessions by selecting the check box in the left column, or select the Clear all local user object locks check box.
  4. Click OK.