Create a new Author-it library

Library configuration & administration

Author-it libraries contain all of the content that you create in Author-it. While Author comes with several example libraries, you'll likely want to create your own, so that your library doesn't contain any sample data you don't need.

  1. Open Author-it Administrator.
  2. From the login window, next to Library, click Click to select.
  3. Go to the New Library tab, and select the library template you want to base your library on.
  4. Name and save your library.
  5. When the library has been created, the Administrator login window opens. Log in to your new library as (supervisor).

    Note: The default supervisor user does not have a password at this stage. You assign this after you are in the library.

  6. Assign a license to the library.
  7. Export the library to SQL Server.