Release states

Library configuration & administration

Author-it lets you define your own customized release states to show where a particular component is in its life cycle. Use these release states to determine which actions your users can perform on objects. For example, a topic with release state of "In Review" may not be able to be edited by some users, and only a senior editor may be able to delete a "Published" style.

The release states you define should suit your organization's content control process; they will probably differ slightly from those used by other organizations even if only in name.

The actions you control are the same as those for folder actions:

  • List objects
  • Read objects
  • Publish objects
  • Modify objects
  • Delete objects
  • Change Release State
  • Change Version
  • Change Permissions

Sometimes there is a conflict between folder actions and release states, and this has to be resolved by the software.

In Author-it Cloud, Administrators create and maintain release states in the library, using the Release States window in Author.

Updating Release States in AIT Cloud Desktop