Repair & compact a JET library

Library configuration & administration

As you work with an Author-it Library it becomes fragmented, just like the hard drive on your computer. From time to time you'll need to repair and compact your library to free up disk space and to increase performance. This function also scans your library for problems and tries to fix them. Repairing and compacting helps fix problems in your library, however, you should always keep regular backups of your librar. Restoring from such a backup is sometimes the only solution.

To repair and compact a library:

  1. Close all open objects and make sure all other users are logged out of the library.
  2. From the menu click Maintenance > Repair and Compact Library. A prompt appears, asking you to confirm the action.

    Compact Library Prompt

    Click Yes. Author-it repairs and compacts the library. This process may take a few minutes depending on the size of your library and the speed of your computer.

  3. Once the repair is complete, Author-it displays the message The Library repair and compact is complete. Click OK to continue.