Display the External Files Report

Library configuration & administration

To display the External Files Report:

  1. From the main menu of the Author-it Administrator program, go to Reports > External Files Report.

    The External Files Report displays.

    External Files Report

    The report contains the following information:

    • Description: The description (name) of the Author-it Object.

      Multiple entries appear for the same object when that object links to more than one external file.

    • Path: The path that has been defined to the file from within Author-it.

      Blue and black settings are used to indicate information that is inherited from a template (blue) or set directly in the object (black).

    • Filename: The name of the external file as it has been defined in Author-it

      A strike through the filename indicates the file or path defined cannot be found. This occurs if the external file or folder it is stored in has been moved, renamed, or deleted.

    • Property: The field in Author-it where the file has been defined - such as the Word Template field on a Book object, or the HTML tab of a File object.
    • Template: The Author-it template the object is based on.
    • Exists: This check box is used to indicate whether or not the file can be found at the location defined. The check box is selected when the file can be found, and cleared if it cannot be.
  2. Drag the column headers to group by column if desired. You can also select a column header to re-sort the list based on the contents in that column.

    External Files Report - grouped

  3. Click Save to save the report as HTML, or Close to close the report.