Import DITA objects into Author

Import content

Like word, HTML, and rich text, you can import DITA XML into your Author-it database. You import DITA using the same menu as other file types, but you'll need to use our DTD Stripper application to get it ready for import.

DITA imports are a separately licensed feature. If you're interested in importing DITA into your database, contact your account manager.

Prepare the DITA XML for import

Your XML data may contain artifacts that'll prevent you from importing it into Author. Use our DTD stripper application to remove these artifacts, and make your DITA safe for import.

  1. If you haven't already, contact Author-it so we can give you the DTD Stripper application.
  2. Unzip your DITA XML to a single folder.
  3. Download and unzip the DTD Stripper application from the location Author-it gave you.
  4. Right-click start.cmd and select Show more options > Edit.
  5. The first line of start.exe has a file path. Replace it with the file path to the folder containing your DITA XML.

    The DTD Stripper will process the folder's sub-folders. Set your file path as the top level folder, and make sure every folder and sub-folder only contains DITA XML objects.

  6. Save.
  7. Run start.cmd

    The DTD Stripper runs quickly, and won't provide a success message. If you don't see any error messages, the DTD Stripper has run successfully, and you can move on to the next step.

  8. Upload the stripped XML to the Documents folder in Author-it Cloud.

Import the DITA XML

  1. In Author, go to Import > DITA > XML.
  2. Select a transformation profile.

    Transformation profiles are created and supplied to you by Author-it, and stored in Files > Common > CompanyShare > DITA Import Plugin > Transformations.

  3. Click Select XML, then select the XML file representing the book (or container) that contains your DITA XML.

    The importer validates the XML file and reports any issues such as unmapped styles, templates, or any other unmapped tags.

    If you experience issues, contact Author-it. We'll help you fix them by modifying your transformation profile.

  4. Select the folder that Author will import your DITA XML into.

    Author will convert your DITA XML into Author-it objects, and place them in this folder.

  5. Select the objects to be added or updated.
  6. Click Import.

    The imported objects appear in the folder you selected in the previous steps.