How profiles control new objects

Import content

A profile also contains settings that define how and where new objects are created.

Profile - Create Topics

  • Folder: When you import your document, Author-it creates new objects in the specified folder. You can choose to create new objects in the currently selected folder, or browse and select another folder.
  • Create new folder at this location: Selecting this option creates a new folder below the folder that has been set above. Author-it gives the new folder the same name as the file being imported.

    Important: If this check box is cleared, the following message is displayed: "Objects in folder may be updated. Importing a document twice into the same folder will update the existing objects."

    This option has been added for a specific use case, enabling HTML source files to be maintained and updated in a system external from Author-it and then re-imported to overwrite the existing library content.

    If this option is used with migrated content, any changes made to the objects in Author-it after the initial import can be overwritten and lost. (Migration is the process of importing legacy content into a library and maintaining it in Author-it from that point forward.)

  • Existing Book: Defines whether new objects are added to an existing book. An existing book is chosen from the drop-down menu.
  • New Book: Defines whether new objects are added to a new Book, and which template to apply to the book. Author-it gives the new book the same name as the file being imported.
  • Release State: Determines which release state, if any, is applied to the new objects.