Import a Word document with linked images

Import content

If you import a Word document with graphics embedded, then they remain embedded in the Author-it file objects.

If the graphics in the Word document are linked AND embedded, then they are linked in the Author-it file objects, but only if the linked graphic files are present in the same folder as the document file when it is imported. If the graphic files are not present, then the pictures are embedded in Author-it.

To import Word documents with linked images to Author-it Cloud:

  1. Upload the images with the document to your folder in Files.
  2. Use relative paths for the image links.

    Word needs to resolve the links to the images by using a location relative to the document after it has been moved to Files. If the document uses absolute paths, which may still be pointing to your local computer or network, Word tries to resolve the links by looking for the images at locations that are no longer accessible.