Rule processing & why profile order is important

Import content

The Import Wizard processes the rules in the sequence they appear in the profile, so the order that is specified in the profile is very important. How the rules are processed differs slightly for each type of document being imported, but they are processed in the following order:

  1. Topic Creation Rules

    When processing Topic Creation rules, the Import Wizard goes through the entire document one paragraph at a time, checking to see if any of the rules apply. The first rule that satisfies the criteria is used. This means if you have two or more rules that could be true for a given paragraph, only the first one will be used.

  2. Find and Replace Rules

    These rules can find any combination of text and formatting, and replaces it with text (or no text) and Author-it character or paragraph styles. The Import Wizard processes these rules in the order specified, which then effects what the following rules can find. These rules can also effect what the formatting rules can find.

  3. Style Mapping Rules

    These rules fall into two categories: Rules that specify only character formatting or styles, and rules that specify paragraph and character formatting or styles.

    Character rules are processed first, as applying the paragraph formatting would affect the character formatting. The Import Wizard searches the document for the specified formatting (in the order specified) and applies an Author-it character style. So if, for example, you had one rule that found "bold" text, and another that found "bold and italic" text, the "bold and italic" rule would need to be run first. Otherwise the "bold" rule would find both the "bold" text and the "bold+italic" text, because they both contain bold formatting (and the "bold+italic" rule would then not find anything).