Requirements for importing

Import content

Before you begin importing you will need the following:

If importing from Word documents...

You will need a supported version of Microsoft Word installed on your computer. Refer to Hardware and Software recommendations for installations for details.

Note: If you don't have Microsoft Word installed, you can save the document as RTF by using another computer that does have Word installed, or by using a Word to RTF converter. The document can then be imported in RTF format.

Important: Any review Comments in your Microsoft Word document must be accepted before you can import! If any comments are unaccepted, the import action will fail.

If importing from FrameMaker MIF documents...

Only Frame chapter files saved as MIF can be imported; Book files saved as MIF are not supported by the importer.

Important: From Author-it release 6 the 3rd party component for MIF importing has been updated to MIF2GO version 4, which supports FrameMaker 9 and Asian languages.

An open Author-it library:

If this is your first document, then you should start with a new library. Otherwise, open an existing library.


The file or files you are going to import, including any linked graphics.

Available memory:

Importing can use a lot of memory, depending on the nature and complexity of the documents being imported. You may need to restart Author-it, close other applications and perhaps restart Windows to free up memory.