Author-it Import Wizard

Import content

Sometimes you need to bring an existing document into Author-it. Rather than retyping it, Author-it's Import Wizard makes the process easy. The Import Wizard uses Transformation Rules that determine how to import a document. These rules are governed by a Transformation Profile. A profile contains a group of rules (along with a few other settings) that control exactly how the content is imported.

There are a set of profiles included with Author – one default profile for each document type, and a number of rules that pick up most standard formatting. You can create as many additional rules and profiles as you need, which makes the process very flexible and enables you to customize importing to suit your content.

Once you have selected your content, the Import Wizard analyzes it and applies the relevant rules. Rules define such things as where topics are created and the Author-it styles that are applied.

The Import Wizard can guide you through the entire process, enabling you to modify the topic structure and style mapping that is found. The Preview stage enables you to view how the original document appears versus how the content looks with the rules applied. If necessary, you can create and apply new rules at this point.

You can import:

  • Microsoft Word documents
  • HTML pages
  • HTML Help 1.x projects (.hhp)
  • WinHelp RTF source files
  • WinHelp projects (.hpj)
  • FrameMaker™ (MIF) documents. Only Frame chapter files saved as MIF can be imported, Book files saved as MIF are not supported by the importer
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)documents
  • RoboHelp™ (XPJ) documents

You can also import content from another Author-it library file.