Search for multiple objects and export to XML

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The Search utility provides a convenient means of identifying multiple objects for export, and then saving them to a single XML file. For example, you can use this method to to identify all objects used by a particular book, and add them to the XML file.

To search for multiple objects in a book and export to XML:

  1. Click the Search tab in the left navigation pane in the Library Explorer (main window).
  2. Set the Object type field to All Types, set the In Book field to your Book name, and then click Find Now.

    Objects Search - In Book

  3. The search returns all objects used by that Book, except for objects that are in a folder or in a release state to which you do not have list permissions.

    Note: The Book and sub books are also included in the search results, which is convenient for exporting many objects.

  4. Select all objects (Ctrl+A), right-click and choose XML, then choose Zip and Email.

    Right-click XML Options