Transformation import profiles

Import content

The main purpose of a transformation import profile is to determine which rules will be used to import a document. Profiles also contain additional settings that direct how graphics are imported and where the imported content will be placed in the library and book.

Import Profile - Properties

  • Each document type contains slightly different information, and so behaves differently when imported. Profiles group a set of rules according to the type of document being imported – such as Word document, an HTML Help Project, and so on.

    The HTML File, Import HTML Help, and RoboHelp Project profiles include an Import HTML Filenames option. When selected, the file's name (for example, [filename].htm) is added to the HTMLFilename field in the Topic object's properties.

    Important: This setting can only be selected and saved when the option named Create new folder at this location is also selected.

    Import Profile - Import HTML Filenames Option

  • Author-it includes a default profile for each document type. Each profile contains a unique collection of rules. You can create as many additional profiles as you need, or customize the existing ones to suit your requirements.
  • Rules can be added directly to a profile, or applied during the Import Preview. The profile can then be saved with the new rules.
  • Because Author-it processes profile rules in the order in which they appear, the sequence is critical.